How to become a firefighter!
How to become a firefighter!
How To Become A Firefighter!

Welcome to! While many sites are designed to help men and women become firefighters, our mission is to focus upon three main aspects of preparedness:

1. Finding Firefighter Jobs - learning how to locate and apply for open firefighter positions.

2. Preparing For Firefighter Tests & Exams - knowing what to expect when it comes to firefighter testing, exams and interviews.

3. Preparing Physically - how to become fit enough to pass a firefighter physical ability exam.

firefighterThe position of firefighter is one of the most-coveted in North America. In order to get hired, you must be aware of where and when the positions are available.

Learn how you can be aware of the firefighter positions that become available in the areas you are willing to work.

firefighterLearn how to:

• Search for positions available using the Internet

• Subscribe to services that send lists of available positions to you on a regular basis

Click to learn more about how to find firefighter jobs...

Every person who desires to become a firefighter must pass a series of tests or exams. Learn what kind of exams you will encounter and how you can best prepare for those exams in order to pass the first time!


• Learn what a typical firefighter written test measures

• Learn how to study for a written firefighter test

• Learn where to take a practice firefighter test

• Learn how to take a firefighter test online and
  get onto a national firefighter list


The firefighter job can be one of the most physically demanding jobs in the whole world. Stamina, strength, endurance,
and remaining calm under pressure all flow from
a foundation of a strong body ...

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